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Vision always drives leaders, especially when they believe God is its source. While John worships God on the island of Patmos, Jesus speaks to him; but when he turns to hear the voice, he “sees” a vision (Rev.1:12). For the remainder of the book, John describes the vision that drove him to write and encourage others. Note the qualities of a divine vision:

1. It is not discovered or created but revealed.

2. It doesn`t compete with others but completes others.

3. It is captivating, not optional. I cannot get it out of my mind.

4. Its goal is not to make money but to meet needs.

5. Its success depends not on staying ahead of others but on serving others.

6. It stops me before it drives me to act.

7. Its fulfillment doesn`t rest on staying ahead of others but on simple obedience.

8. Its purpose is not to feed my ego but to glorify God.

***Revelations 1:9-20

***JC Max

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