When God doesn`t make sense: A Carpenter`s son made a return journey from Golgotha`s Calvary.

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.”  – Jim Elliot

The academically gifted, highly motivated and bright young man, Chuck Frye was 17 when he graduated on top of his class in high school. After excelling in College, he applied to several medical schools for admission upon completion. In spite of the fierce competition for places at the time, he was admitted to study at University of Arizona school of medicine and began formal studies in September.

During his first term, he began to think about God`s call on his life and so started feeling about foregoing high tech medicine in a lucrative setting in favour of service on a foreign field. This became his definite plan for the future. Toward the end of that first year of training, however, Chuck was not feeling well. He began experiencing a strange and persistent fatigue and so made an appointment with the doctor in May for an examination. He was soon diagnosed with acute leukemia and by November, Chuck Frye was dead. How could Chuck`s heartsick parents and fiancée then, and how do we now make sense of this incomprehensible “act of God”? This young man loved Jesus with all his heart and sought only to do His will. Why was he taken in his prime despite the many agonized prayers for his healing by godly family members and faithful friends? The Lord clearly said no to them all. But why?

Thousands of young doctors complete their course every year and enter the medical profession, some for less admirable reasons. Dr. Frye might have touched very desperately ill people and shared the gospel stories to those who had never heard, if permitted to live. Why should divine providence deny people such a dedicated service? The great theologians of the world can contemplate Chuck Frye`s death for the next 50years but they are not likely to produce satisfying explanation. God`s purpose in this young man`s demise is a mystery and there it must remain. Why, after much prayer, was Chuck granted admittance to medical school if he could not live to complete his training? From whence came the missions call to which he responded? These troubling questions are much easier to pose than to answer.

Interestingly there are many more questions yet to be answered per many other human occurrences. Why did God not stop the gun man from killing Steve, son of Dr & Mary White? Dr. White was president of the Navigators, a worldwide organization dedicated to knowing Christ and making Him known. Their son Steve, drove a taxi for several months while seeking a career in broadcasting. But he would never achieve his dream as he was murdered one late night by a deranged passenger in the usually quiet city of Colorado Springs.

The killer was a known felon and drug abuser who had a long history of criminal activity. Police found out after apprehending him that, he had called for the cab with the intention of killing whoever picked the call and arrived to pick him. But why was it not any other driver other than the son of these full-time Christian servants of God?  Why? Why? Why?

It is a known secret that a church in Dallas, Texas was destroyed by a tornado under strange circumstances. The twister suddenly dropped from the boiling sky and “selected” this one structure for demolition and then lifted again without damaging any of the surrounding territory. How would you interpret the “act of God” if you were a member of that congregation?

There are thousand unanswered questions about why the three-year-old boy, only child of the staunch Godfearing Christian parents had to die of cancer? The parents had waited for many years for a child but to no avail. Finally, when the joy of a mother became unconfined due to conception and eventual delivery of a baby boy, sorrow took that joy from her. Three years after the birth of the handsome boy, he began experiencing strange sickness and many faithful partners went in to prayer with the parents for his healing whilst doctors battled day and night to get him well. But God was silent and he eventually died. These questions have never been answered however stylish they`ve been put before God. Simply put, it makes a lot of sense to get answers via Proverbs 25:2, Isaiah 45:15, Deuteronomy 29:29, Ecclesiastes 11:5, Isaiah 55:8-9.

Of course, it is incomprehensible to imagine Dr. Paul Carlson was killed just when his last leg was scaling the bullet ridden wall in Wasolo, Zaire (now DR Congo) where he had gone as a medical missionary to offer free medical care and share the gospel after abandoning a lucrative medical practice in the USA.  Why? Why? Why?

Clearly, the scripture tells us that we lack the capacity to grasp God`s infinite mind or the way He intervenes in our lives. How arrogant of us to think otherwise! Trying to analyze His Omnipotence is like an amoeba attempting to comprehend the behaviour of man. Romans 11:33 (KJV).

In the midst of the above questions posed to God however, comes the biggest question of them all. This is a question man has to answer but has never been able to. John 3:16 unveils the most mysterious action ever carried out in history. How someone can willingly allow his only son to die for everybody because of love. It is unheard of, unimaginable and unthinkable. When one consolidates all the questions man pose to God for various reasons, those will still be dwarfed by just a question God will pose to man about the death of Jesus.

Everything about this greatest person to ever live, is mysterious and incomprehensible. Years before His birth, great prophets heralded His coming to the world and the circumstances surrounding his birth have been mind-blowing till date. Scholars and theologians, ministers and teachers have long pondered the meaning of the life and death of the teacher from Nazareth. Jesus Christ was born and lived on earth for a little more than three decades. But why did He come? Few realize that ultimately there was no other option Jesus had to be born!   John 3:16, I John 3:5-8.

God’s great plan for mankind included the necessity of a saviour, a redeemer of mankind. All the reasons for His birth ultimately pointed to His death. Jesus the Messiah, the very Son of God, had to be born to fulfill God`s ultimate plan for mankind after the fall of man. If you are still in wonderland, then check this out through the lens of a teenager;

  1. Jesus had to be born because of mankind`s sin
  2. Jesus had to be born because God wanted to reveal His own character to humanity
  3. Jesus had to be born to remove the sins of humankind through a perfect sacrifice
  4. Jesus had to be born for mankind to have a Mediator
  5. Jesus had to be born to provide the promised seed of Abraham
  6. Jesus had to be born for God to make His Spirit available to all mankind
  7. Jesus had to be born for God to redeem mankind.

The big question for mankind to answer, still hangs on our necks.

As we join hands to celebrate the death and resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, remember that this act was purely on love and God willingly decided so.  He clearly knew that after the fall of mankind, He had to step in to salvage the situation in His own wisdom through the ultimate sacrifice. Man could never have changed the situation on his own. Romans 5:8.

Ideally it was a journey of “no return” which began from Jerusalem and ended at Calvary (Golgotha). He remarkably made a return against all odds on the 3rd day in fulfillment of scripture and to complete God`s agenda in full force.

May the death and resurrection of Christ cause the death of COVID-19 and resurrect the world`s economy. But more importantly prepare the saints for the great rapture.

May the Peace of the Lord be with us all. Amen!


Original stories culled from Dr. James Dobson`s bestseller, when God doesn`t make sense

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