SERVANTHOOD: A Conflict Between Two Worldviews

Take a moment to contrast the world`s leadership model with Jesus’ model

IssueSecular LeadershipSpiritual Leadership
How to gain influenceLeverage powerLove people (Phil. 2:3 – 11)
How to possess confidenceCompete and winDepend on God (II Cor. 3:4 – 6)
How to acquire authorityClaim your rights and positionServanthood (Matt. 20:20 – 28)
How to grow an OrganizationDemand of PeopleDevelop People (Acts 19:8 – 10)
What vision drives youTemporal gainEternal gain (Matt. 6:31 – 22)
What is SuccessOvercoming the competitionObeying the Lord (I Cor. 4:1 – 5)
The heart of LeadershipThe bossA Father (I Cor. 4:15)

What does your leadership look like? Are you a Pharisee or a servant?


John 8:1 – 59, MLB

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